How To Find Original VigRX Plus And Spot A Counterfeit One?


vigrx plus original

A vast majority of men today are turning to male enhancement products. For many, it is a matter of regaining the decreased libido caused by lifestyle habits and increasing stress. For others, it is a desire to give their partner a good time in the bedroom with longer lasting erections and powerful orgasms. Original VigRX Plus pill promises just that! By using the tablets regularly, you will enjoy increased sexual stamina. You will have hard, longer-lasting erections keeping you going in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, so many fake products with the same name have swamped the online market. Buying a fake product is not only about wasting money and not getting any results. You end up putting your health at serious risk.

If you are considering using VigRX Plus pills, here are a few tips to tell a original VigRX Pill from an counterfeit one. 

VigRX Plus price point 

Probably the first factor you should pay attention to is the price quoted by the seller. Check the price on the official website.  It should be the same even if you are buying it from eBay or Amazon. The price for a month’s supply of VigRX Plus pills are around $77 ($76.99). Only products that make use of cheap ingredients can afford to offer a price reduction by more than half.

VigRX Plus verification code 

Given the growing instances of fraudulence, the manufacturers have come up with an innovative way to verify the authenticity of VigRX Plus capsules. A 17-digit verification code is printed on the package box. On the official website, there is a mechanism wherein you are asked to enter this code. After processing the code, you will know if the package you have received is an original VigRX Plus or counterfeit one. Batches manufactured before December 20th, 2012 do not have this verification code, as the safety measure was introduced after the said date.

Expiration date 

The expiration date is more a security measure, rather than an authentication method. There should be at least six months to 1 year before the product can expire.

Promise of results

The VigRX pills recommend a waiting period of at least 3months before you can start seeing noticeable results. So, if the product you are buying promises something faster, that should sound a good news for you.

After you order VigRX Plus

Your personal verification process for the authenticity of VigRX Plus pills does not end with checking the package and audit code only. It continues even after you have ordered and received the product.

We would advise you to break open one of the tablets. The contents should be brownish in color, much like powdered pepper. A white powder filled in is an indication of a fake product. If your product is not the genuine one, you should contact the seller and return it.

VigRX Plus official website

Several vendors are selling VigRX Plus tablets on eBay and Amazon, and many of them are genuine ones. However, it is always recommended to buy from the official website. This way you can guarantee you are getting the authentic pills at the right price.

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